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Music is a ceaseless merriment with diverse genres and magnetic treat. Free Music has a magic that can let you follow the romantic rhythm together and visit some beautiful moments in life again. Nothing can bring such an outstanding level of comfort, peace, and pleasure that it can. It impregnates through the lives of people and lets them explore the beauty that resides in even the most honest and uneventful days. It rejuvenates life and washes away the regular cycle of activities and schedules.

Thanks to the Internet, horde these days, have access to millions of websites and applications which allow them to burn free music from their favorite artists straightaway. Especially these music apps have transposed the way crowd listens to music. These trending apps provide an easy and smooth feature that allows you to stream the music promptly and listen to it uninterrupted.

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Music Download Apps & Sites For Android, iPhone & PC

Let us discover 15 download-worthy Apps that will help you get all the music goodies you need. Selecting a culminating music app can be a bit of a challenge, notably because there are several music apps that you can dexterously find on Google Play Store and Apple Play Store.

Free Music Download Apps

best music download apps

It is a highly favored music search engine for Android users. It offers a vast collection of music and allows to stream high definition music directly from the server. Music lovers can find all things they need over here.

When it comes to the downloading MP3 Music cache from Youtube videos, iTube is the best option. This application is what all music lovers have been waiting for. You can witness the breath-taking music from top 100 different genres. Available individually for Android phones, it is music downloading as well as streaming app.

Music Maniac MP3 Downloader is the simplest app for all Android users to download free music that can lift your spirits. It is one of the highest rated apps that allow you to hear your favorite songs with an astounding feature to search a track by its artist and genre.

  • Google Play Music

Google play music has eventually emerged as a paradisiac player in the modern mobile music industry. You can download exclusive tracks and albums for free without any need to buy the subscription. Any Android user can easily navigate and browse the features of this app.

Platforms: Android | iOS

  • Deezer

Deezer is the best music streaming service for your iPhone. It holds a diverse catalog of music with an infinitely large music library that can make music run through your veins in easiest possible way.

Platforms: Android | iOS

  • MP3 Music Download Pro

MP3 Music Download Pro is again a free Android music downloader app. It is one of the most remarkable and trendy music application that enables a cool feature of probing the songs you downloaded and set them as ringtones. There is a built-in MP3 player with a notability to grab the lyrics that can sync to the music inexorably.

Another best Android mp3 music downloader, which has been downloaded more than ten million times on Google Play. You can tap search by only writing the name of the artist, album or the song. This app can also be solely used to listen to music.

  • Apple Music App

Each iPhone has this native music app installed. It provides full music discovery channels in conjunction with a round-the-clock radio station.

PlatformsAndroid | iOS

  • Total Downloader

Total Downloader is a preeminent file downloader app on the Apple Appstore that lets you key in free music and video files from numerous leading websites. Total Downloader app allows you to organize playlists so that you can play your favorite music while the application runs in the background.

  • Music MP3 Download Copyleft

To stream and download the songs of your choice, Music MP3 Download CopyLeft is one of the most favorite options among the various substitutes available to download and tune into on Android devices. All you need to use Music MP3 Download Copyleft app is a stable Internet connection and an Android smartphone, and you can discover any album, artist, and song through the app´s search feature.

  • TopMusic.Fm

TopMusic.Fm for iOS is an online music player for downloading and listening to favorite music, beholding an impressively large catalog and highly enticing features. You can’t help but think how great it is.

  • Wync Music

Witnessed more than ten million downloads, this app provides a better searching feature, where you can type just anything and have an entire series of albums, songs, and playlists matching the search. The average user rating is 4.1, and one-month subscription is entirely free for any newly registered mobile.

  • Skull MP3 Music Downloader Pro

This app possesses a search engine that provides an equipped search tool for music by the search query provided. With powerful features of music player, downloading and ringtone setting this is a new but stunning tool to be used with a wide range of benefits.

  • Spotify Music

This digital music service has become incredibly popular among Music lovers all over the world. Spotify is the most comprehensive and brilliant music streaming service on earth. The premium members can also listen to offline music by downloading them on iPhones, while free users can move their favorite numbers to playlists and enjoy them in shuffle mode.

  • Tidal

When we mention to digital music service, Tidal must be a talked-about name. It is very similar to Spotify. It has an offline mode; wherein you can save a track you like directly to your iPhone and listen to it without an Internet connection.

Other Music Downloader Apps IncludeFree Mp3 downloads, MP3 Music download, Free Music for Soundcloud, & Download MP3 Music for Android.

Here, we are trying to enlist some popular free or paid music download sites, from where you can download your favorite music instantly. To start with, let us obtain 10 free Music download sites.

Free Music Download Sites

best music download sites list

  1. Jamendo: This site is one of the biggest of its type. It serves the interest of both the artists and their fans looking for their music. The site uses a Common Creative agreement to function. Here, users can download free music uploaded by the artists themselves. Thus, this site works as a guilty-free music downloading site.
  2. Free Music Archive: This site allows you free legal music download. The downloadable music on this site is free for listening and educational use. You can search the music on this site by genre, pop to hip-hop, curator, etc. You can even ‘tip’ the artist if you love the work.
  3. Noise Trade: On this site, the artist created widgets for sharing their music. You can download songs from there at no charge. They work on the tagline: “Free albums from thousands of artists who would love to meet you.”
  4. Soundcloud: This is a site with a vast music collection. Consuming its music in a lifetime is difficult. Though not all the music on this site is downloadable, an enormous amount of it is available to be downloaded on a single click of the button.
  5. Amazon: Though Amazon is a purely commercial site, but believe it or not, this site regularly offer freebies from time to time. On the right-hand side of the bar, you can search for the Top Free Songs widget to get the most popular and favorite songs for free.
  6. is a free radio-social networking site. The unique feature of is that you can track music on this site according to your listening habits. After following, you can download the MP3 files for free.
  7. Vimeo: Though Vimeo is a video-sharing website, it has a vast collection of songs as well. If you don’t want the videos of the songs, you can do their ‘music search’ tool to download free MP3 music. It has more than 100,000 tracks in its store.
  8. Live Music Archive: This site caters free music of live concerts. So if anyone is interested in listening to the live music show MP3, this site is for them. Although sometimes we do not get the best quality music, at least we can have the feel of the live music concert for sure.
  9. MP3skull: This is again an excellent site for listening and downloading songs, and it is suitable to be used in both the mobiles and the PCs. You can even download mp3skull toolbar to get its easy access on google chrome.
  10. Myspace: This site lets its user embed their music videos or mp3 in their myspace profiles. So a user a Myspace can build the his\her own station. You can connect with Myspace with email, facebook or twitter.

5 Paid Music Download Sites

  1. PlayDigital: This site enlists music from all the major record labels. As the music is the availableinDRM-freeMP3 format, so it can be played on any device. The costs vary from song to song and album to album.
  2. iTunes: With some reasonable restrictions, this site remains the most authenticated and legal music downloading site. The music purchased through this site can only be played on iPod music players only. The pricing structure of music at this site is quite flat, with songs priced at 79p per song. The price of albums vary.
  3. Napster: By using Napster, you can own the music forever. Like iTunes, it also charges 79p for each song and for the album it varies. There is one more option, at a flat rate of Euro 9.95, unlimited tracks can be downloaded. It has more than 5 million tracks in its store.
  4. Tesco Digital: Tesco is aiming to serve all of its music in MP3 formats so that the music purchased can be used on most of the music devices. Once you buy a song, you own it forever. You can download any song for more than four times.
  5. eMusic: This site serves better the eclectic tastes of the people. There are 1000s of independent record labels, audio books and tracks on this site. It has a subscription-based pricing and not album/song based pricing structure.

Other free Music downloading sites includeMP3Juices, FreeMake Youtube to Mp3,,,,, MP3fusion, MP3Box,,, &

We have tried to give you maximum links of the sites from where you can download the free MP3 music. Hope you liked it. Comment below if I have missed any of the best music download sites or Apps. Visit PCDownloadFree.Com home page for more updates in the future.

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