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If you ever look for an entertaining time killer, movies are the sure option. The fun of the films on free movie apps cannot be compared with any other entertainment ways, be it a PlayStation or drama. The movies app has its place in the entertainment industry as well as in people’s heart. From A Space Odyssey to Batman, From Casablanca to My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and more on, the movies cover all the genres like fiction, romance, horror, love, hate, thriller and what not. Its variety has lovely shades of choice for one and all.

Going to theaters for watching movies in colorful and stately dresses was once a fad for the people. But with the live broadcasting of movies at home, the craze subsided a little bit. And now-a-day, when one can easily watch movies for free at home on their smartphones, going to theaters for watching movies seems as unwise as going out to purchase apples when they are ready to be plucked in the backyard of the home.

Free Movie Apps List For Android And iOS (iPhone & iPad)

If you are unaware about these Apps, let me help you with that. Here I am giving you separate lists of Apps, which you can use to watch free movies online.

1. Cinema Box App 

Together with movies, this App concentrates on TV shows and series also. It doesn’t require registration of any kind. Previously, the App was labeled as Playbox HD, but later, after some technical fixtures, the App was released with the name Cinema Box. Its stuff is of very high quality and it gets updated very frequently. You can even download the movies and shows and that too with your desired quality. You need to download its APK for installing on Android.

  • Availability: Android & iOS

2. MegaBox HD App

Megabox HD App is again available to be downloaded on Android smartphones only. This is a combo app, which allows you watch movies as well as TV shows. You can look at the videos as you desire by using this fantastic App. You can even get this App on your PC by using Android emulators like bluestacks etc.

  • Availability: Android

3. PlayView App

PlayView is a Spanish application which lets you watch unlimited free movies on Android. The former name of the application is “You Movies”. Later, this application is released as Playview App.

4. Show Box App

This app is used by millions of user worldwide. For downloading this App, you will have to visit their official site. It is not available to be downloaded on Google Play. It’s easy to use.

  • Availability: Android & iOS

5. Bobby Movie Box

This is an exclusive App for Apple users. It enables to watch your favorite movies in HD quality for free. The best and unique feature is its friendly and highly attractive user interface. To promote this App, the developers of this App use commercial Ads. So, sometimes you may feel annoyed by the frequent appearance of the Ads.

  • Download: iOS

6. Flipps HD

It is short of a full combo package. It now only lets you watch movies, but also serial episodes and viral videos. You have ample of categories to choose from like comedy, news, music videos, sports highlights, etc.

7. Yidio 

This App supports only a few devices This App is very helpful in getting directions about where to find movies you like and watch it at no cost. You can even filter movies in some unique ways like using premiere data, source, MPAA rating, etc. The App doesn’t host all the movies by itself. It is more of a helper than a provider.

8. Crackle

This App can also stream the movies online. But there is no option to download the movies. But its immense categories will minimize this drawback. It’s excellent user experience and availability on different platforms makes it a favorite.

9. Tubi TV

By providing service support to major platforms, this App looks kind of interesting. The categorization of movies in this App is quite impressive, and we get to choose from more than 40000 titles. What more can we expect from a free movie App?

10. Popcorn Flix (PopCorn Time Alternative) 

Do not confuse this App with Netflix. It’s entirely different from it. This App streams movies from various genres and adds a new movie on the daily basis and that too, free of cost. It covers not only Hollywood movies but Hollywood movies also.

11. Movie HD App

This App together with live streaming option provides you with downloading ability also. This App supports Google Chromecast as well, which makes it easy for you to watch movies on the bigger screen.

12. Free Movies App

This is an app available exclusively for the Android platform only. This App doesn’t use a separate App for its operation, but only the smartphone browser for streaming the movies. It has more than 5000 movies in its collection ranging from sci-fi to fantasy and from history to mystery.

13. Kodi

This App specifically focuses on movies and cartoons. It has a huge collection of them. This group can be used easily with its active user interface. In total, we can say that with its variety of features, it is a fantastic movie app.

14. Hubi

This is a commercial-free movie streaming app which categorizes its collection under various sub-heads like Sci-Fi, Comedy, and Mystery, etc. This makes it easy to search for the movies according to your mood and likes. It supports a variety of services like DaClips, EcoStream, Gorilla Vid, etc.

15. Movie Tube Ex (App similiar to Movie Tube)

This Android App focuses on cartoons together with movies. With its exceptionally visible and large icons, it makes the interface very attractive and easy to use. The noticeable feature of its interface is its sleekness. You need to download its APK for installing it.

16. Viki

If you love to watch famous international movies irrespective of region, this App is for you. Although, the movies, and TV shows are mostly from China and Korea, but that’s not it. It has a collection from India, U.S., and Japan as well with subtitles. With no commercial interruption, it allows you to sort its content by country.

  • Download: iOS

17. RedBox

This App enhances your rental experience in a new way Wherever you’re, you can always search for DVDs, Discs, games, etc., which are available for rent. After searching, you can reserve your drive for quick pick up. You can even search for the movies by name, genre, date of release, etc. Quick streaming movie trailers are also easily available on the App. You can even get ‘coming soon’ reminders by subscribing to their e-mail notifications.

  • Availability: iOS

With the easy availability of Android and iOS devices and smartphone at home, it has become incredibly simple to watch free movies online. Free movies are the buzzword for this lovely century. Some endless sites and Apps give you access to the new and old movies for free. You do not even have to pay anything for using some of these movie Apps.

Update: There is one application called mobdro which is available for Android to get live TV, videos, music, movies, & documentaries. 

With this list, it is clear that you have ample of free movie streaming Apps at your disposal. Most of the free movie online App developers have shaped their App to fit to all the platforms. Every App has its unique feature associated with it. I will personally recommend the use of Kodi and Showbox for sure. Give them a sure try. New Apps are frequently adding to the list. So if you know any other super online movie streaming App, please do share it with us.

If you find our list helpful or if you find any flaws, please do share with us. We are always ready to improve.

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