UKTVNow APK Download | UKTV Now Best Live Streaming App Install

UKTV now the app is a new and exciting way to enjoy your favorite TV shows. You can not have Live TV with you always. So UK TV now the app is here to entertain you. You can now shuffle through your favorite TV channels anywhere and anytime. You just need to have a UKTVnow app on your Android phones or laptops and a working internet connection.

UKTVnow APK Download (Android/iOS/PC/KODI/Chromecast)

UK TVnow the app is a best modern technology tool to provide live TV streaming on your phone. It offers more than 150 channels across the globe. Channels belonging to the genres of music, movies, sports and news are the attractive features of UKTVnow app. All channels are provided free of cost.

UKTV now APK For Android Installation Steps

UKTV now the app can be installed on every Android device. UK TV now the app is not available on google play store, so you need to download it from the official website of UKTVnow app in APK format. Before running it, you have to change security settings of your phone.

  • Change your device settings to allow app installation from unknown sources. To do that, head over to Settings> Security > Unknown sources.

unkown sources option path on Android

  • Click here to download the UKTV now APK file.
  • Install UK TV now app on your phone by clicking on APK file.
  • Login to UKTVnow app to enter into the world of unlimited and free entertainment.
  • UK TVnow is ready to use from your phone to log in.

How To Get UKTVnow App For PC/Laptop (Windows 10/8.1/8/7)

Officially UK TV now the app is not available for computers. But there is always a way to get things in line for yourself, so with the help of Bluestacks, you can enjoy the live TV streaming from UKTVnow.

UKTVnow APK load from Computer to Bluestacks

  • After installation, the UKTVnow appears on the Bluestacks.

UKTVnow has been installed on PC/Laptop

  • Click on the UK TVnow app icon to start the LiveTV on your Computer devices.

UKTV now For Chromecast Device (Set Up & User Guidelines)

Chromecast is a very innovative device to cast videos from phone or laptop directly onto a bigger screen like TV. Chromecast is a big leap for the future of video streaming. Chromecast is designed and developed by Google. Gone are the days when live streaming videos were entirely a phone affair.

Get yourself a chromecast device and switch over to a better and bigger viewer experience. Chromecast acts as a portal between your phone and TV. It directly casts live streaming videos from your phone to TV.

Just plug in chromecast device into your TV’s HDMI port and let it use your internet connection. Use your phone to control chromecast like a remote. So with the use of chromecast dive deep into virtual world o entertainment.

UK TV now the app does not have an inbuilt ability to cast videos directly onto chromecast, so you need to install a web video caster app on your phone or laptop.

  • Plugin chromecast into HDMI port of your TV
  • Download AllCast (web video caster app) from Google play store in your phone.

Install allcast on Android to cast on Chromecast

  • Then open UK TV now app and select your favorite channel.
  • Click on the casting icon.

Open with Allcast option on Android

  • Open video streaming with Allcast
  • The stream will be transferred to the AllCast.
  • Choose your playback device as Chromecast

Selected Chromecast as Playback device for allcast

  • enjoy your favorite TV stuff with family and friends on a bigger screen

UK TVnow app is the best app to watch live streaming of TV shows, news, sports, and movies. The thing that separates UK TVnow app from other video streaming apps is that it is completely free and easy to use. You can use UKTVnow from almost each and every gadget you got.

Methods to install UK TVnow app on various devices have been provided with proper illustrations. Now reach out for your phone and install UK TV now app and let yourself roll into the world of unlimited entertainment.

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