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If you are a person with the interest in Editing videos, movies, or a passionate cinematographer or even love to make videos about things that fascinate you, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will introduce you to an excellent application that you can carry around with you everywhere, make, edit and compile videos on the go – VivaVideo.

So what is VivaVideo? VivaVideo gives you the liberty to do a plethora of things to your video and make them look cinematic. You can use the in-built professional editing tools to trim, merge, add texts, filters, and stickers to simple videos taken from any camera device, including your smartphone and transform them to incredible artworks. You can even turn your videos or photos into a marvelous slideshow and share all these artworks with your friends.

vivavideo download free

Download VivaVideo APK for Android

If you are a smartphone user, then you can check out this lovely application on your local app store. Follow these instructions to download VivaVideo from Google Play Store:play store app on android1. Open Google Play Store and type in ‘VivaVideo’ on the search bar on the option for viva video2. From the list of displayed results, click on the first on vivavideo from search results 3. Click on the ‘Install’ button and voila you can create videos with magnificent, cinematic effects in your video installed on android

Here is a direct APK download link – VivaVideo APK for Android

Download VivaVideo for PC

Now you don’t need to use the complex computer applications like Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas Pro to edit your videos. VivaVideo is here to the rescue. To download the VivaVideo application for your PC, just click here.

Features of  Viva Video App

Tools & Utilities Autosave, Changeable aspect ratios, Full-screen playback, Key framing, Multiple sequences, Storyboard display Editing Features 3D Editing, Animation Tools, Audio Transitions, Color correction, Camcorder capture, Drag & Drop, Speed change, Subtitles, Video transitions Visual Effects Canvas, Color Exchange, Film, Glass, Glow, Gray out, Mosaic, etc

To get started, you can pick a video already stored in your gallery. A user can choose the start and end points of the video and also edit the frame size. You can also watch five your video a professional touch by applying a broad range of filters to the video. With its in-built professional editing tools, you can trim, merge, add texts, filters, and stickers to the video. Also, you can use the photos stored in your gallery to create a photo slideshow and add captions or labels to it. Once the video is edited correctly, you can share it on social media including Facebook, Whatsapp and also save the video to your gallery.

So all in all, this is easy to use, the fun video editing app which has a lot to offer to the passionate video makers and the universal audience. No wonder this app has over 50 million downloads. The only pitfall in the free version is the watermark added to the video and the time limit placed on your video. If you found this article useful enough, please leave your feedback in the comments sections and share.

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